Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid MEH-PPV / TiO2 for Photodetector


In this work, the characterization and application of thin films composite incorporated titanium dioxide (TiO2) (0.8)% volume ratio for (Rutile) nanostructure with poly [2- methoxy-5-(2’-ethylhexoxy-p-phenylene vinylene] (MEH-PPV) were deposited by a spin-coating technique. The optical properties for deposited (MEH-PPV/TiO2) nanocomposite thin films have two peaks which are the Q-band in the visible region and B-band in ultraviolet. This study shows that the absorption spectrum of organic polymer mixing with TiO2 increased with increasing the volume ratios TiO2. The I-V characteristic of nanocomposite thin films shows that the current at dark and light condition varies approximately with applied voltage. We observed that the current increases with the mixed ratios of TiO2 and the operation voltage decrease. The MEH-PPV/TiO2 nanocomposite material has been worked as (UV-Vis.) light detector with high responsivity and high detectives in the Rutile TiO2 at the mixed rate (0.8) mg/ml, 14.32 at 350nm and 16.73at 510nm.