Application of Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) Technique to Gravity and Magnetic Data to Estimate the Basement Depth in Diyala Area, Eastern Central Iraq


The Bouguer gravity and magnetic RTP data were used to detect the depth of basement rocks in middle and south Diyala Province, east Iraq. The depth of the basement rocks was calculated by using the Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) method. New attempt is achieved to applied the SPI technique to the gravity values to estimate the depth of basement rocks. The depths of basement map derived from gravity data range 8-14 km, the depth of basement map derived from magnetic data range 9-13.5 km and the basement depth prepared by C.G.G, 1974 range 9-11 km. The derived maps from SPI method and that prepared by C.G.G, 1974 show good matching in the distribution of the depths of the study area. This study showed that basement’s depth range from 8-14 km with gentle increasing toward the east. A main basin trending NW-SE is found in the study area laying eastern Diyala river. It is believed this basin may contain hydrocarbon reservoirs.