Development of Surface Roughness and MechanicalProperties of PMMANanocomposites by Blending with Polymeric Materials


Thiswork aims to a development ofmechanical properties of PMMA thatisutilized in denture material, by using two types of polymers;blends (PMMA:2%NR) and (PMMA:2%SR) as a matrix materials strengthen with natural nanoparticles from the pomegranate peel powder (PPP) that were added at different weight fractions (0.0, 0.1%,0.3%, 0.5% and 0.7%). Two groups of bio nanocomposites specimens were prepared, using (Hand Lay-Up) method.Experimental tests were carried out on surface roughness, hardness and wear rate aswell asanalyzing of FTIR test. The minimum values of surface roughness and wear rate were reached 1.51nm and 0.317×10-8g/cm respectively for polymer blend nanocomposite ((PMMA:2%NR): 0.7% PPP).Whereas, the maximum value of Shore D hardness reached 90 for the same sample of nanocomposites. According to these results, it can be a concluded thatthe addition of Nanopomegranate powder and natural rubber can develop the mechanical properties of PMMA material used in medical applications