The Social Responsibility of the Educational Organizational in Applying the Quality Standards


This research paper aims at measuring the social responsibility of the educational organization towards applying the quality standards considering that the social responsibility is a moral and ethical obligation which is not imposed by systems and rules but by the necessities of the societal public utilities. The quality however represents a comprehensive philosophy of life and labor not only for the bussiness organizations but also extends notably for the educational foundations. This research paper chose a sample of (30) male and female instructors of the departments of management and accounting in Al-Rafidain university college and their data was processed after being compiled by using the computing means such as the computing distribution, the balanced arithmetic medium, percentage, standard deviation, spearmans, correlation coefficient rank, specification coefficient and analyzing the simple descending. The most important results concluded by this research is the very big concern of the social responsibility especially in the strategic view field concerning two variables of the organization culture, and one of the most important recommendations is that the reinforcement of the efforts intended to develop the colleges organizational culture and working on spreading this culture in a way that fits the colleges reputation conducive to its obligation to pursue the continuous improvements processes of its activities.