Secure E - Voting System using Voiceprint


Electronic voting systems are considered to be one of the modern systems that are widely used recently. The great challenge which is facing researchers in this field is how to verify the voter. This paper discussed and implemented online secure E- voting system depends on speech recognition. The proposed system represents a very important stage in identity of the voter personality. The researcher used voiceprint feature (Pitch Detection), where the system included the recognition of voiceprint through the use of (MFCC) method, which proved a great success for sample of society that has been used in the proposed system. The researcher has faced many problems in dealing with human voice as a means of proof. The work required a set of processors for the sound signal (Preprocessing), the addition that the researcher has done is no intensive circumstances or special requirements for the of recording voice but, the system works through very normal circumstances as it has been benefited from merging and propose recording machinery and processing the voice by using hybrid way that using (framing and windowing). The results of voiceprint recognition with a ratio that is more than 98%. These results had a great role in achieving privacy and data integration for the later stages of the proposed system.