Analysis of Dynamic Behaviour of a Tensioned Carbon Nanotube in Thermal and Pressurized Environments


In this paper, the dynamic behaviour of a tensioned single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) in thermal and pressurized environments is investigated analytically. With the applications of Bernoulli-Euler and thermal elasticity mechanics theories, the governing equation of motion are developed and solved using Laplace and Fourier transforms. The results of the close form solution in this work are in excellent agreements with past results in literature. From the parametric studies, it is established that as the magnitude of the pressure distribution at the surface increases, the deflection associated with the nanotube increases at any mode of vibration. However, a corresponding increase in the temperature and foundation parameter have an attenuating attribute on deflection. Also, it is shown that the frequency of the vibration increases as the Winkler parameter increases and the mass of the SWCNT decreases. It is envisaged that this work will enhance the use of SWCNT in structural, electrical and mechanical applications.