Color Characterizations of Pure ZnO and ZnO/ SeO2 Thin Films Annealed at Different Temperature


Pure Zinc oxide and ZnO/SeO2 oxide thin films were prepared successfully by sol gel method and annealed at different temperature under ambient condition. These films were characterized by means of XRD, AFM, and UV-visible. XRD patterns clearly showed the presence of crystalline ZnO/SeO2 particles, the ZnO/SeO2 film showed a good crystallinity like pure ZnO film, Optical transmittance spectra of films showed high transparency (>87%) in visible region. The color coordinate and tristimulus value of transmittance spectral showed that the best decolourization result was achieved at 7.5 at.% Se at 400oC, 600oC and 10 at.% Se at 500oC , for the best brightness result appeared at two point with 2.5 at.% Se at 600oC and 7.5 at.% Se at 400oC. AFM studies reveal that rms roughness of the thin films increased with the increasing of Se concentrations. Also, the surface roughness increased with the increasing of the annealed temperature.