Estimation of some chemokines concentrations in sera of Iraqi patients infected with ocular toxoplasmosis


Ocular toxoplasmosis (O.T.) that caused by Toxoplasma gondii parasite was diagnosed by two serological methods latex agglutination and ELISA. Ninety five samples were collected from patients underwent to retina unit disease in Ibn Al-Haitham hospital in Baghdad during the period from the begging of March to the end of September 2014 as well as 84 an individual as considered a control group. The rate of diagnosis by latex test in ocular toxoplasmosis group was 100% while none of the uveitis patients gave positive result, in the control group the positive results was 35.7% with a significant difference among the studied groups. ELISA results showed significant differences among the groups and recorded 84% positive rate to ocular toxoplasmosis versus 31.1% in uveitis group while control group showed 41.1% as a positive result and called asymptomatic toxoplasmosis group. The level of IgG was higher 1.66± 0.187 IU/ ml in O.T. group while IgM level was 1.922± 0.510 IU/ml.This study was also included measuring of some chemokine’s levels that estimated by pg/ml for all studied groups, the level of GM-CSF in positive uveitis group reached to 47.44 ± 15.04 followed by O.T. group 45.14±10.05 then negative uveitis group 43.12 ± 9.35 while asymptomatic toxoplasmosis and control groups were recorded concentration 39.26 ±12.03, 29.44 ±5.29 respectively. High level of IP-10 was in O.T. group 22.66 ± 3.48 and positive uveitis group 17.09 ± 1.97 then negative uveitis 16.91 ± 3.02, asymptomatic toxoplasmosis group registered 16.89 ± 2.46, control group came to record the lowest concentration 14.78 ± 2.26. An increase in VEGF levels was recorded in control group 26.70 ± 4.27 followed by O.T. group 26.48±9.89, while asymptomatic toxoplasmosis and negative uveitis groups were recorded concentration 26.11 ± 7.59, 25.31 ± 6.21 respectively. The lowest level was in positive uveitis group 21.98±9.21.