Design a test to measure the kinetic speed of the lower limbs of fencing


Fencing is one of the swift sports that a swordsman needs to enjoy fast performance, especially in progress and return movements, which is one of the important basic skills for early movement towards the competitor or escaping from his attacks, and the success of the swordsman depends on the speed of his movement towards his opponent, but there is no way to measure Kinetic speed of the lower limbs by fencing. Therefore, the researchers sought to design a test that measures this ability to ensure its scientific evaluation, and then develop standard scores for this test for players of the fencing school, to help them objectively evaluate and move away from subjective assessments when evaluating and developing measurement tools in the field of fencing. The descriptive approach was based on a sample of the fencing specialized school athletes at the age of 12-18 years. After the pilot study was conducted and the test was validated and the scientific specifications were available to it, it was applied to the sample taking into account all legal procedures during the implementation of the final test and then the results were collected and emptied and statistically processed, and the researchers concluded:. The test that was designed proved valid to measure the kinetic speed of the lower limbs by fencing. 12 . The research sample achieved a higher percentage in a very good level and a good level respectively.So the researchers recommend using a test designed to measure the kinetic speed of the lower limbs by fencing.