Assessment of The Arabic-English Translation of The Iraqi Constitution - Appraisal Theory


The Appraisal Theory is one of the theories of translation assessment. It is usually used in the assessing the translation from one language into another. The theory consists of three systems of resources that are used to denote attitudes through the use of language. Each of these systems is divided into another subsystems. The study aims at the translation assessing the translation of the Iraqi constitution depending on the appraisal theory. It aims at evaluating the translation from Arabic into English. It is hypothesized that some of the Appraisal Theory systems are used more frequently than others. To verify this hypothesis, five items of the Iraqi constitution are adopted with their translation. Concerning translation, the UNAMI English Translation of the Iraqi constitution is adopted to be the data of the study. After analyzing the data, it is found that some systems of the Appraisal Theory are used more than others. It is also found that the institutional language usually involves words that accept no alternative viewpoints.