Protective role of Ellagic acid against Ochratoxin A induced damage in kidney and Liver.


Production of.reactive oxygen;species in most.disease is consider to bethe most destructive process to human cell ,therfore antioxidant is need to overcome the effect of oxidative strees.In this work the impact of Ellagic acid on some parameters was determind in animals treated with ochratoxin A (QTA) , ochratoxin A +Ellagic acid and Ellagic Acid(EA) only .The results showed that Ochratoxin A treatment caused increased in creatine and urea level to 101mmol/L and 75.3mmol/L respectively while this treatment caused in reduced level of Glutathione Reductase (GR) and these data significantly different from animals treated with (EA) and Saline treated group that showed normal results for these paramters that were 37.3mmol/L,8.9mmol/L and 278 mmol/L for EA and Saline treated group were 36.1 mmol/L, 9mmol/L and 273 mmol/L for above parameters respectively.Animals treated with OTA +EA lead to decreased creatine level to 68.6mmol/L and 35.2 mmol/L for urea and 185 mmol/L.for GR.