Determination of Ziziphus Spina-christi leaves extracts Antibacterial activity against some pathogenic bacteria


Medicinal plants are traditionally used for the treatment of human infections. The present study was undertaken to investigate Ziziphus spina-christi leaves for their potential activity against human bacterial pathogens. The Aqueous extracts in 50 μg/ml didn’t appear any effect on all bacterial isolates and the maximum Zone Inhibition appeared in100 μg/ml was 9 mm against Klebsieela .oxytoca and Proteus .mirabilis ,Pseudomonas .aeruginosa and Staphylococcus. aureus appeared slow responses toward this extract with zone of inhibition 6 mm; 4 mm and 4 mm for above isolates respectively in 100 μg/ml . The zone inhibition of 50 μg/ml of Ethanol extract were follow . K. oxytoca (17 mm), P.mirablis (15 mm), P. aeruginosa (13mm)and S. aureus (16 mm), . but when used 100 μg/ml form Ethanol extract the results appeared the inhibition zone of bacterial growth were 26mm for K.oxytoca ,28 mm for P. mirabilis,23mm for Ps. aeruginosa and 24mm for Staph. aureus. In other side the results listed in same table showed the Methanol extract were more effective as follow in diameter of zone inhibition for K.oxytoca (19 mm),P. mirabilis (16 mm), Ps.aeruginosa ( 14 mm ) and Staph. aureus (18mm) when used 50 μg/ml .but when used 100 μg/ml the diameter of zone inhibition were increased to reach 30mm for K.oxytoca ,28mm for P.mirabilis ,26mm for Ps. aeruginosa and 25mm for Staph. aureus .All above results were compared with antibacterial activity of Gentamycin (10 μg) and Amikacin (30 μg)