Micropropagation of sugarcane Saccharum officinarum Plant via Organogensis callus in vitro


Propagation of sugarcane Saccharum officinarum (L) Plant via in vitro by callus production through the culture of shoot tips on MS medium supplemented by 2,4- D 3 mg/L. Organogenic callus were produced by culturing callus on MS medium contained BA and kinetin at 0.5 mg/L for both of them. Incubation of culture was at 25 c and photoperiod at 16 hr and darkness for 8 hrs. Adventitious shoots were cultured on rooting medium contained MS salts at half concentration and NAA 0.5 mg/L , BA 0.5 mg/L and incubated for 8 weeks. Then plantlets were produced and successfully acclimatized.