Phytochemistry and biological activity of Prosopis fracta


Background: Prosopis fracta is a valuable and useful medicinal plant for the purpose of extracting flavonoids and it is one of the most important plants with medicinal properties. Prosopis fracta is found in many southern regions of Iran.Objective: the aim of this review Phytochemistry and biological activity of Prosopis fracta.Material and Methods: Initially, the powder was degreased by hexane and then after completion of the extraction process, we obtained a rotary solvent removal and the rest of the extract was frozen for retention, then it stored at -23°C. The freeze-dried samples are dissolved in methanol and permanently filtered through a 0.35 syringe filter.Results: Prosopis fracta extracts using to treat cancer, which destroying activity via mitochondrial changes, as showed a good example for increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels, SIRT3 activity and cell death in HT-29 related to the intestines and rectum cancer cells.Conclusion: Antimicrobial and phytochemical studies provide valuable insight into understanding media. Sometimes the idea of the route responsible for the activity of these phytochemicals against oxidizing compounds that act as a source of harmful chemical to the body is removal from service of protein and loss of function.