Synthesis and Spectral Properties of some new derivatives of Luminol azo dyes


The thesis involves two parts :The first partincluded synthesis eight new Azodyes , derived of Luminol L1 = 5- [(phthalyl hydrazide) azo]-6-amino indzole, L2 2- [(phthaly hydrazide) azo] phenylephrine, L3 = 3-[( phthalyihydrazide)azo]-2-Hydroxy indole. have been described by C.H.N. and Visible spectroscopic spectra , The functional groups were characterized by I.R. technique. Acid – Base properties were also studied spectrophotometrically , using buffer solutions of pH values of ( 0.67 – 12 ) in the visible region.The second part of the study concern with the ability of azo dye ( L2) for forming complex with, Ni(II). From calibration curve of L2 complex : Sandell sensitivity (8.19x10-3) cm-2, Detection limit 0.0674µg ml-1, ,Standard devation 0.004432, Correlation coefficient 0.9965, molar absorbitivity 7169×10-4 , specific absorbtivity 0.1221 and obeyness of Beer's law region was determined for complex, ppm , and up to 0-14 ppm.