Detection of Genetic Polymorphism in Seven Barley Hordeum vulgare L. Varieties Using SSR


Investigation was carried out at the laboratory of Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, during the season 2017-2018. Seven varieties were planted to determine the degree of genetic similarity using SSR-technique (Simple Sequence Repeats), and 14 double primers were used for this purpose. The analysis results revealed that all primers showed polymorphism among the evaluated varieties, except Bmag0385. primers produced a total of 42 alleles with a polymorphic percentage of 88.27%. The number of alleles for each primer varied from 1 allele for the primer (Bmac0067) to 7 alleles for the primer (Bmag0006) in average of 3 alleles per primer. Cluster analysis and Dendrogram showed the highest degree of genetic similarity between variety Arabi asuad and variety Arabi abiad (0.7619). While it was low between variety Fourat4 and variety Arabi abiad (0.3571), and varieties Fourat4 and Fourat3 (0.3571) which indicated wide genetic diversity among them