The concept of the agricultural revolution for prehistoric researchers– Cordon Child theory as a model (analytical study)


It was the agricultural revolution or what was termed the (agricultural coup) that arose and emerged at the beginning of the Neolithic period in the eighth millennium of the most important turning points in human life and human life in general and it constituted an important stage of its development and its basic foundations as a basis for the launch towards development and a comprehensive radical change of aspects of life and human groups, it led to the building of life and a developed society and the progress of the manifestations and aspects of civilization that cast a shadow on the building and development of subsequent societies extending into historical eras and the rise of civilized societies and civilizations that formed this revolution or the anchored coup and the basis for it the scope and focus of specialized scientific studies and research has been formed for many researchers and specialists and theories on which the study, analysis, deduction, archaeological and research detection of the areas where this revolution occurred was formed on the basis and concepts on which the main elements that contributed to its events and the effects generated by it such as the geographic al, environmental, climatic, economic and human effort. Among these theories, the most prominent of which is the theory of (Cordon Child) that dealt with this revolution ,its study and research in its aspects ,the factors of its establishment ,and the main areas that witnessed its emergence and emergence and its main criteria which formed a wide and large space among the theories that dealt with this revolution and the compatibility of its component ,standards and data provided with the scientific and field facts of this revolution, its areas of occurrence and the efforts of its owner (Cordon Child) who was the first to launch the term agriculture revolution or economic coup in the Neolithic stage, its activities ,efforts and contributions, scientific, research and archaeological .which represented the space and scope of his research in this aspects of the periods of prehistoric times.