Spectral investigations to the effect of bulkand nano ZnO on peanut plant leaves


The potential variation in peanut plant leaves were examined by the application of bulk and nano ZnO through presowingmethod. ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by chemical route and were characterized using x-ray diffraction, atomic force, scanningelectron and transmission electron microscopy. ZnO nanoparticles and bulk counterpart are applied to the peanuts by presowingmethod in two concentrations of 500 ppm and 4000 ppm. Fourier transform infrared spectra exhibit variation in most prominentpeaks ~2923, ~1636, ~1033 cm1due to ZnO stress in both nano and bulk form, which was supported from the calculated meanratio of the peak intensities for various frequency region and total band area calculation for various band region. The infraredspectra were further processed by de-convolution and curve fitting analysis to examine the variation in secondary structure proteinof leaf samples stressed with ZnO bulk and nanoparticles. Multivariate analyses shows the successive factors account for decreasingamounts of residual variance using two factors for the wave numbers 1633, 1648, 1656, 1666, 1673 and 1684 cm1assigned toprotein secondary structure of leaf samples.