Wavelet transform based technique for text image localization


In this paper, a robust technique based on discrete wavelet transform, edge detection, and morphology operation for scene textdetection is proposed. There are several stages in the proposed method. In the first stage, a single wavelet decomposition LH, HLand HH subbands are applied for detecting edges in original scene text image. The projection technique is applied in the secondstage to preliminary detect text and non-text pixels. In third stage, 4-connected components are applied, and then area geometricfeature is used as threshold to remove non-text region. At last stage, morphological operations are applied to connect isolated textcomponents and to remove non-text regions. The proposed method is applied on a various images such as images of low contrast,complex background images and images of different fonts and size of text. The experimental results show that the proposed methodcan detect regions of the text perfectly.