Approximate Treatment for The MHD Peristaltic Transport of Jeffrey Fluid in Inclined Tapered Asymmetric Channel with Effects of Heat Transfer and Porous Medium


In this paper, we discuss a fluid problem that has wide applications in biomechanics, polymer industries, and biofluids. We are concerned here with studying the combined effects of porous medium and heat transfer on MHD non-Newtonian Jeffery fluid which flows through a two dimensional asymmetric, inclined tapered channel. Base equations, represented by mass conservation, motion, energy and concentration conservation, were formulated first in a fixed frame and then transformed into a moving frame. By holding the assumptions of “long wavelength and low Reynolds number” these physical equations were simplified into differential equations. Approximate solutions for the velocity profile, stream function, and temperature profile were obtained using homotopy perturbation method. Finally, the graphical expressions and analysis for velocity curve, temperature distribution, heat transfer coefficient, and stream function, via the effects of important parameters that appear in the solution form, were given and examined. These results show a parabolic behavior for velocity distribution curve, the maximum value of which appears in the central part of the channel and reduces toward the lower and upper walls, due the impact of porosity parameter . While a decreasing behavior was observed via the effect of increasing Hartman number )because of the existence of Lorentz force). Furthermore, the plots showed an increased function for Jeffrey fluid parameter on the magnitude of the trapped bolus.