Pahlavi Kurdish Language (Feyli)“The official language of the Sassanid empire or a regional dialect”


The Pahlavi Kurdish language that nowadays has known as the Feyli Kurdish, is one of the oldest dialects of the Kurdish language, which has been changed and evolved from the official language of the state to a dialect of a region. This change has its roots in the fate of the Sassanid Empire. The language used in the Sassanid period as the official language of religion and government, also it was the language of the Sassanid dynasty and is the same ancient dialect that was prevalent in the Pahla or Fahl regions and was chosen as the official language of religion and government during the reign of this dynasty.Pahlavi refers to areas of Kurdistan where the dialect and dialects were close to the native language of the people. In this research, based on the analytical method of data, ancient religious, literary, and political sources that were compiled in Pahlavi language during the Sassanid period and in the Islamic period by Feyli dialect, have been researched. The aim is to show the changes and evolve dimensions of Pahlavi Kurdish language that converse it to Feyli dialect and the dialects close to it.