The Protective Effect of Ficus Carica Leaves Extract on some Fertility Parameters in Male White Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Treated with Paracetamol Drug


This study was conducted to investigate the protective effect of leaves extract of Ficus carica on some fertility parameters in white rats Rattus norvegicus. In this study used (40) male rats (2.5-3) month, weights ranged (200-250) g were divided into (4) groups (10) rat/group. The first group (control group), the second group (paracetamol group), the third group (extract group), the fourth group (extract + paracetamol group). All treatments were given doses every other day for (6) weeks. Results showed a significant decreased (P<0.05) in testosterone levels in paracetamol group after the third and sixth weeks of treatment as a compare with control group. While the testosterone level for extract group don’t changed after the third week, but the hormone level increased after sixth week of treatment to exceed the hormone level of the control group. While the (extract + paracetamol) group showed a decrease in testosterone level after the third week, then the hormone level increased to close level of (extract group) after the sixth week of treatment. The result revealed a significant decrease in the total sperms count and the percentage of the living sperms at (P<0.05) and increased the percentage of dead and abnormalities sperms of the paracetamol group as a compare with control group, the results showed no significant changes in the total sperms count (P<0.05) of the (extract + paracetamol) group, whereas found a significant change in percentage of living and dead sperms, there were no significant change in abnormalities sperms between the extract group and (extract + paracetamol) group.