The Usage of the Computer Aided Process Planning System (CAPP) To Plan the Production Processes in Clothes industry


This research has been designed and applied a software program to plan a production process at Waladi firm in Mosul. A Computer-aided process planning has been designed by using Visual C# Language, Microsoft Project Management program to prepare a plan process, and Microsoft Access program to create database for this system, The system have been applied on work-suit product which belong to New Padosh Cement firm and prepare a process plan for it The results of practical application shows that the using and applying a CAPP system to the searched firm led to prepare a standard process plan, store it with organize form where it could be restored and edited in easy way, in addition to, efficient use of time , before that to get rid of handwriting routine processes which are dependent on preparation ,which preceding the application of the program which has been used by the research. That program provided a wide database through the all models of data which could be stored, return to it when, it's necessary modified and updated easily.