The Impact of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices on Sustainability Performance in Al-Najeebia Electric Station


The purpose of the research is to analyze and explore theimpact of sustainable manufacturing practices on the sustainabilityperformance of the Najeebia power plant. Regardless of the extent toliterature agrees on the fact that sustainable manufacturing plays a rolein improving the competitiveness of business organizations, most ofthese literature lack empirical evidence that sustainable manufacturingsystems relate to sustainability. Sustainable manufacturing practicescan contribute to improving business organizations opportunity ofstaying in a sometimes competitive and sometimes hostile competitiveenvironment. The problem of the research was the fundamentalquestion of how sustainable manufacturing practices can effect onsustainability performance? Data related to the hypothesis test andresearch schema were collected through a checklist after testing itsvalidity and reliability using the structural equation method. Anobjective sample of 31 engineers from the research organization wasselected. The structural equation modeling (SEM) model was used toconstruct the scale and structural models. Several statistical parameterswere used to test the reliability of the adopted model. The results of theanalysis proved acceptance of a number of hypotheses and rejected theother hypotheses built on the basis of the structural model. The resultsof the analysis showed a statistically significant relationship betweensustainable manufacturing practices and sustainability performance.The research recommended that the research organization develop itstechnical and human capacities to ensure the gradual transformation ofsustainable manufacturing to improve its performance andcompetitiveness.