Use Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve process performance


Purpose: The main purpose of this research is to exploreopportunities to integrate manufacturing practices with itsprocesses using the LSS methodology to reduce waste andvariability, improve efficiency and enhance quality and thus toimprove the process performance.Design/Methodology/Approach: The LSS methodology wassystematically applied to eliminate waste and to improve theperformance of the current process. The steps included assessingthe current state of the company through tracking the process andcollecting basic data through the interviews conducted by theresearcher, which came through sites visits and prepare processsmap to limit the waste and the reason behind reducing forprovement .The data were collected by using a set of quantitativemeasures in which a computer program designed with Microsoft(Excel 2010) as well as the statistical program (SPSS v.17) andfinally Develop and put Control plan to ensure continuity andimprovements.Findings: The rates of utilization of the product design capacitywere low, as well as the low levels of efficiency, andproductivity. The company suffers from the deviation of the ureaproduct at the reactor stage from the required specifications, themain reason is not using exact rates of raw materials insideinteracting, as well as the obsolete equipment and not use ofmodern equipment with advanced technology. It was alsoconcluded that the application of the LSS methodology wouldreduce delivery time.Obstacles to the study: The difficulty of obtaining information,especially the defective production of the final product.Originality/Value: This study was used to fill the gap in the lackof use and application of the LSS methodology. The Arab studieson the Six Sigma approach did not use the DMAIC model toimprove performance and only presented it with the theoreticalframework.