Effect of Fiber (Glass, Poly Propylene) on Hardness, Water Absorption And Anti-Bacterial Activity of Coating Acrylic Polymer


Coating materials have an extraordinarily high use, for industrial or technical applications. This study compares the effect of short glass and polypropylene fibers on the hardness, water absorption and anti-bacterial activity of acrylic composites against Gram positive(Streptococcus sp.) and Gram negative bacteria (E.coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella sp.).To prepare acrylic polymer and acryliccomposites (glass fibers and polypropylene fiber) the weight fraction (20 %,) (v0= lama acrylic, v1= lama acrylic/ glass fiber, and v2= lama acrylic /poly propylene fiber), of chopped glass fibers and polypropylene were added to acrylic , the resultant solution was stirred by hand for 5 minutes, using the Hand-lay-up technique.Results showed that hardness increased in acrylic /fiber glass to 68 compared with acrylic /polypropylene fiber while water absorption was reduce in acrylic /polypropylene because of its hydrophobic nature .The largest inhibition zone against Gram positive bacteria was 23mm , whereas the largest inhibition zone against Gram negative bacteria was 28mm.