The Effect of MWCNTs particles on the Heat Capacity of Distilled Water


The technique of adding Carbon Nano-Tubes to What liquids is a new important method used to enhance the thermal properties of liquids such as specific heat and heat capacity.The experimental part was carried out using water-based nanoparticles such as Carbon Nano Tubes, with different concentrations at (0.1, 0.3, o.5and 0.7wt %) of MWCNT (Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes) and distilled water as a base, in different temperatures. The change in the value of heat capacity of a liquid was investigated. The value of heat capacity for Nano fluids increased with increasing the Carbon NanoTubes particles,when as compared with the value of heat capacity for distilled water . The best concentration of MWCNTs was improved with heat capacity about 60 at 0.5 % wt% at temp. 50 c.