The Radar Coverage Estimation under Multiple Antennas and Targets


Choosing the suitable antenna type for a particular application has importance in meeting the desired system objects. In this paper the comparative studies between three different types of antenna, which are phased array, planar array and parabolic reflector, have been investigated based on their suitability as a basic radiating element for radar coverage. The radiation characteristics and size of the radiating structures that makes them a good candidate for the radar coverage, and second part radar coverage at different targets (objects). Radar Cross Section RCS of rectangular flat plat as simple target, and missile and aircraft as complex targets have been molded.The radar coverage of the Erbil International Airport (EIA) for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band applications, in high resolutions, detect large target, and long range are estimated and considered as study case with different antennas and target or radar cross sections (RCS) for multipath/lobbing pattern.