Preparation and Characterization of Neodymium(III) arginine complex.


A new complex of neodymium(III) arginine was prepared from Nd(NO3)3.6H2O and arginine. The preparation involves mixing the metal-ligand by the ratio 1:2 dissolving both in H2O and then purifying by ethanol/diethyl ether. The primary analyses showed that the mole ratio of the metal ̶ ligand complex is 1:1. The 1H-NMR spectrum of the complex observed a broadness attributed to the coordination of the paramagnetic metal with the ligand. In addition to, the comparison of vibrational spectra of free and coordinated arginine in the region of carbonyl, imine, and amino groups all indicated the occurrence of the complex. The Uv-vis spectra were also inspected where a new band appeared in the range of 240–270 nm assigned to the ligand metal charge transfer.