Molecular Detection of pulmonary Tuberculosis using the Gene X pert MTB/RIF assay in Kurdistan of Iraq


Tuberculosis has been potentially diagnosed by an innovative Gene Xpert Mycobacterium tuberculosis refampcin tool substantially impacted the quick detection of RIF resistance in clinical samples, Multi drug-resistant tuberculosis signify the remarkable resistance to the conventional (isoniazid, rifampicin against tuberculosis.The gene x pert MTB/RIF has been clinically and microscopically utilized for the detection of the multivariate pulmonary specimens of early pulmonary tuberculosis cases. Robust screening study had been implemented at Erbil community in the chest and respiratory diseases centre in the period June 2017- June 2018.Two hundred fifty Sputum samples were obtained from TB suspects. All samples were tested on Gene X pert for MTB/RIF detection after acid fast bacilli microscopy.75(30%) sputum samples were AFB smear positive and 175 (70%) were negative. In MTB/RIF assay 85 (34%) were MTB positive and 165 (66%) were negative. The MTB/RIF assay also detected 7 RIF-resistant specimen and 78 RIF-susceptible specimens, and the results were confirmed by drug susceptibility testing. Sensitivity and specificity of Gene x pert were 100% and 94.29% respectively, compared with the conventional method.Hence from the overall conclusion, we can acknowledge that the MTB/RIF assay has simplified and solve the dramatic challenge of multiple TB cases and cut short with positive impact the dilemma of empirical TB treatment drugs