Effect of Sowing Dates and Varieties of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) on Growth and Yield Parameters.


The sowing date trials comprised of three planting dates on three cotton varieties (Lachata, Stoneville 213 and Coker 310), were conducted to investigate appropriate sowing time of the varieties at Erbil, Kurdistan during 2017. It was also to investigate the effect of climate change of sowing time. Results indicated that sowing dates, varieties and interactions significantly affected all studied characteristics. The highest plant height was recorded of Stoneville 213 which was by (110.8) cm in April 27. Variety Lachata exhibited maximum seed cotton yield (5851.13) kg/ha followed by variety Coker 310 (5097.77) kg/ha on March 28. The different results of mean boll weight, number of seeds per boll, seed index and other parameters were also recorded for varieties and different sowing dates. It was concluded that sowing on March 28 is the most appropriate sowing time for these varieties under agro-climatic condition of Erbil, Kurdistan. Based on the results from this current study some varieties will be growing better in other state of Kurdistan especially in the cold condition.