Artificial Neural Network Based on Optimal Operation of Economic Load Dispatch in Power System


The LaGrange iterative method was construct to solve the problem of power losses reduction case to minimize the total fuel cost generation. It difficult to optimize nonlinearity cost functions of fuel generators in power systems with equality and inequality constraints. This paper presents an approach method of optimization for solving the economic load dispatch (ELD) problem with generator constraints and satisfying the load demand irrespective of transmission line losses. To verify the proposed work, an artificial neural network (ANN) based Lambda iterative optimization method with Matlab R2018a program is being apply to the test system. The numerical studies have been accomplished to IEEE model system (30-bus 6-generator, 41-line and 20-load). The results have manifests the effectiveness of the supposed algorithms because it can provide accurate dispatch solutions with wide range of load demand in minimum total cost. Further analyses indicate the total power losses in the system.