Places in the Poetry of Al-Raee Al- Numayri


Studying places is among many studies that have proliferated recently. Researchers of Arabic literature have dealt with this topic a lot and thus classifications and divisions of the plase varied. Places are divided into open and closed, hostile, domestic and dualistic.As for our modest study, it tries to deal with places according to the feelings they motivate such as nostalgia, estrangement, beating itstendon, the inbility to interact, and psychological alienation. The researcher in particular tries to focus upon depictting moments of psychological alination with refrence to places that suggest death, stillness, fear, anxiety, and pessimism. The researcher followes the psychological approach to explore the psyche of the poet and his feeling towards such places. The pastoral poetry is the examined genre of this study because places are the focal points of such kind of poetry alongside their symbolic incations which have psychological connotation.