Preparing the Demographic Inventory of The Iraqi Population for The Period 2018-2038 An Applied Study Using Tableau Desktop Online


The research is an attempt to introduce (Tableau Desktop) application one of the geographical techniques to design a demographic map for population indicators in Iraq (2038-2018) according to government data, to highlight the role of open source applications so that these maps are interactive available to all, rely on environment tools (ArcGis10.7) to design Maps (SHP), and that the aim of the research focuses on the role of those applications and dealing with them in drawing and coding maps on an available site with registered rights to protect the map painter, it included:Firstly: an introduction to the Tableau Desktop application.Secondly: population indicators in Iraq.Thirdly: Steps to prepare an interactive map.The results reached the possibility of interactive mapping and the importance of application in the cartographic representation of data in various ways with ease of work and publishing the site map to be available to decision makers and researchers.