AL-Hajaj via Model and the Discourse Formation Imam Ali’s (peace be upon him) Letter to Ibn Henif as a case study


The research tries to provide a vision of the presence of Al-Hajaj represented by the model evidence in writing letters depending on Imam Ali’s letter to Ibn Henif as a case study of this vision showing how this evidence merged with Aitos. As being the speaker, he is trying to present the evidence of a model asking his followers to work. Accordingly, he was not talking about a different character, but about the self in which it is represented as a model to be followed in its ambition to create new approach in dealing with the position and its pleasures, not only in the lack of gains from this position, but also how the self becomes insignificant to the lowest of those pleasures, which are eating and drinking, and being satisfied with very little things available. An extensive discussion is presented by the letter to show why the governor / ruler should not sleep overnight full of food. How he could try to share with the parish becomes the difficulties of life, so if he is unable to provide decent livelihood for his parish, then he must share it with the pain of hunger, so that the singularity of asceticism becomes a center from which the vocabulary branches out to others in an attempt as being ambitious to build the self from inside