The effect of using a recreational program in small games on developing the skills of handling and damping football at the age of (11-12) years


Preparing a recreational program with small games to develop some basic skills in football at the age of (11-12 years). And learning about the effectiveness of small recreational games in developing some basic skills in football at the age of (11-12 years).The researcher used the experimental method for its suitability to the nature of the research, and that the research community consisted of students of Al-Najda Primary School in the Ishaqi sub-district, whose ages range from 11-12 years in the fifth and sixth grades of primary school, and their number is 44 students as it was chosen deliberately, as for the research sample, it reached 24 students were randomly assigned to two groups, an experimental group of 12 students, a control group of 12 students, after excluding the pilot sample of 8, and participants with the school team, who were 6) students, repeaters and patients (4), And they are (2 absent, and an experimental design called (equivalent groups with tribal and dimensional tests that fits with the research objectives and field procedures) was used.The educational program included 8 recreational units, and the implementation of the program took 4) weeks at the rate of (2 educational units per week, and the implementation of the main experiment began on 2/24/2019 until it ended on 3/20/2019.The researcher used the following statistical methods: (spss, percentage, percentage - arithmetic mean - standard deviation - skew coefficient - simple correlation coefficient - (T) test for correlated samples - analysis of variance.The researcher recommended and suggested Mayati:- The necessity of using and implementing the recreational program based on the use of small games in physical education lessons and giving them great importance to their effective impact on the development and improvement of basic skills in football