Impact of vitamin D3 Nanoemulsion on spermatogenesis and antioxidant enzymes in Vitamin D deficient induced albino male rats.


Vitamin D deficiency is common with several effects that include nonskeletal impacts. Many studies showed associations between Vitamin D deficiency and oxidative statues with disturbed testicles in male rats (Rattus norvegicus) which might be improved by vitamin D. The aim of this work is to find the effects of nanoemulsion pea protein isolates and novel vitamin D carrier, developed by sonication and pH shifting of pea protein isolate nanoemulsion on the spermatogenesis in induced vitamin D deficient male rats. Thirty male albino rats distributed into 5 groups, sufficient control was fed with normal diet, deficient control was treated with 100 mg/kg Rimfapicin and 50 mg/kg Isoniazed for three weeks, pea protein isolate group :vitamin D deficient rats treated daily with 60 mg/ml/kg nanoemulsion pea protean isolate, Vitamin D deficient rats were treated with vitamin D (54 mcg/ml/ kg), and pea protean isolate + vitamin D group: Vitamin D deficient rats were treated by nanoemulsion pea protein isolate (60 mg/dl/kg) plus Vitamin D (54 mcg/ml/ kg) for four weeks. The serum used for Vitamin D and total testosterone assay, after estimation of sperm count and morphology. Homogenized testes used for determination of Catalase and Glutathione peroxidase. The results revealed that vitamin D and supplementations each one alone have a positive significant effects on spermatogenesis. The nanoemulsion pea protein isolate +vitamin D resulted in a significant increase in the levels of vitamin D of total testosterone more than the supplementation of vitamin D and nanoemulsion pea protein isolate alone. Also sperm count, normal sperm morphology, as well as catalase and Glutathione peroxidase improved significantly in this group. In conclusion we demonstrated vitamin D nanoemulsion as more efficient formulation with more prominent effects on spermatogenesis in induced vitamin D deficient rats.