Towards Blended Learning in Engineering Majors: Computer Programs Engineering as Model


This research represents a first step towards adopting blended learning in education engineering in Arab countries. This is to cope with what the higher education institutions witness the process of transformation from a traditional teaching-based process to a learning-based process incorporating ICT and practicing developed learning methods in advanced countries. The research aims at verifying the possibility of incorporating blended learning in educational engineering, and in particular in a computer engineering major. The verification process has been achieved by using the descriptive analysis to research subjects, which include blended learning, blended learning in engineering education, and the characteristics of an international curriculum for computer engineering. Also, the results ensure the possibility of incorporating blended learning in engineering education in Arab countries due to its merits and it provides skills that are almost identical to that a student of computer engineering education learns. Based on that result, the paper suggests a number of recommendations to incorporate the blended learning paradigm in engineering education, particularly in computer engineering programs.