Study of the Nuclear Structure of some Neutron Rich Si Isotopes Using Shell Model with Skyrme Interaction


The study of nuclear structure of neutron-rich nuclei acquired impressive interest internationally considering that it predicts nuclear behavior and reveals new aspects of nuclear structure that are the key challenges of developing a generalized nuclear model. In the present work, the nuclear structure of 28-40Si isotopes toward neutron dripline was investigated in the framework of shell model with Skyrme-Hrtree-Fock method using certain Skyrme parameterizations. Moreover, investigations of static properties such as nuclear densities for proton, neutron, mass, and, charge densities with their corresponding rms radii, neutron skin thicknesses, binding energies, separation energies, shell gap, and pairing gap were performed using the most recent Skyrme parameterization. For all dynamic properties, sdpf shell model space has been used to generate one body transition density matrix element with SDPFK two body effective interaction. The calculations also reproduced the low and higher-laying 2+ energy level scheme, and reduced transition probability B(E2) for even Si-isotopes. The calculated results were compared with available experimental data, to identify which of these parameterizations introduced equivalent results with the experimental data and reasonable agreement was obtained.