The relationship between financial manager core capabilities and financial performance in framework of financial manager roles - Applied research


Abstract:The study based on three variables (Financial manager Core Competencies, Financial Performance and financial manager roles) for a sample of listed companies in Iraqi Market Exchange. The study seeking to achieve a set of practical and scientific objectives. To achieve excellence and superiority goals. The core competencies of financial managers are the cornerstone of the mechanism of managing enterprises in the face of changes and challenges. As a result of the sharp changes in the, business global environment that has changed In the roles of the financial manager and responsibilities and challenges of sustainable, the difficulties and obstacles that require further understanding and analysis, which thus greatly affect in financial performance of Iraqi facilities. The problem of the study was what are the directions of firms to benefit from the core competencies of the financial manager? What are the difficulties and problems facing the CFO? Are there any procedures to develop the roles of the CFO? Based on this problem, and to clarify the relationship between the variables of the main and secondary, three hypotheses were formulated. The study relied on a checklist based on the method of analyzing the Dummying variables as a tool in collecting data and information related to the study and Financial data the depending on to analyses financial performance of firms . The interviews were conducted directly with the financial managers, their answers were recorded, and the SPSS and AMOS program were used to analyze the primary and secondary data.The discussions of results, of study presented has a number of conclusions, the most important of which are the core competencies of the financial managers, the basic component that must be adopted by the firms to achieve their objectives. It must change the roles of the financial manager to achieve the objectives sought by it especially in relation to developing and improving its financial performance. Key words: CFO Core Competencies, Financial Performance, Iraqi Stock Exchange Market