Role of the (WICS) Model of Leadership in the Organizational Decision Making Process An Analytical Study of the Views of a Sample of Leaders and Employees of the Salah El-Din Electricity Distribution Department


The research aims to determine the possibility of leaders of organizations to include the dimensions of the (WICS) model in their decisions taken in the Salah al-Din Electricity Distribution Department. The research problem is defined by determining the extent to which the managers of the research organization apply the (WICS) leadership model in their organization. The importance of the research is evidenced by the role that the model plays in the decision-making process, and the research was based on a main hypothesis that states that there is a significant influence relationship of the (WICS) leadership model on the decision-making process, and several sub hypotheses branched from it. The total research community reached (1800) employees. The research sample was selected in stratified form within the department and its units, with a number of (72) employees and from all levels. The descriptive and analytical approach was adopted in the research through the use of paper and electronic sources in the theoretical side and the electronic questionnaire form prepared according to the five Likert scale in the process of collecting data from the members of the researched sample that were analyzed through SPSS.V23 to obtain statistical results. The research reached several conclusions, the most important of which is leaders of the Salah al-Din Electricity Department possess a high level of flexibility in responding to the continuous organizational changes as a result of their possession of WICS leadership characteristics. The research presented several recommendations, the most important of which is rapid response to urgent and complex organizational needs that reflect the characteristics of WICS leadership in the research organization.