The role of green productivity in achieving sustainable development An exploratory study at the State Company for Mishraq Sulfur


The research aimed to determine the impact of green productivity represented by its techniques (training technology, awareness program technology, adult learning method design technique, industrial field trip technology, waste prevention technology, resource conservation technology, waste management technology, design improvement technique) on promoting sustainable development in its dimensions represented (the economic dimension, the social dimension, the environmental dimension). In the General Company for Mishraq Sulfur. Accordingly, the research problem was identified in a more focused way with the following:1.What is the extent of the contribution of green productivity to the optimal exploitation of resources and the protection of the environment?2.To what extent are the individuals working in the researched companies aware of the importance of sustainable development?3.The nature of the relationship and the impact between green productivity and sustainable development? In order to achieve the goal of the research, a hypothetical model was developed that shows the hypothesis search scheme that was clarified by a group of hypotheses that were tested using some statistical means (SPSS) in presenting the results. (82) individuals from the General Company for Mishraq Sulfur, and the research reached a set of conclusions, the most prominent of which are: The existence of a positive emotional correlation and impact between green productivity and sustainable development at the macro and micro level in the researched company.