The Effect of Strategic Leadership in Crisis Management Effectiveness: An exploratory study on Al-Hikma Pharmaceuticals Company / Jordan


The study aimed to examine the effect of strategic leadership in the effectiveness of crisis management in the Al-Hekma Pharmaceutical Industry Company in Jordan. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher developed a questionnaire that includes a set of items that measure the study variables. The questionnaire was distributed to all managers in the top management and the supervisors who represent the middle management by adopting the comprehensive survey method, and accordingly the population comprised of (73) participants, and one questionnaire was excluded because it was not valid for statistical analysis, the final population was consisted of (72) participants. There are high levels of strategic leadership practices and high levels of crisis management effectiveness in Al-Hikma as perceived by the sample.There is a statistical significant impact of strategic leadership practices on achieving effectiveness of crisis management, as explained variance coefficient recorded (R2 = 93.3%), which is a high level of the explained variance. The differences in the sample's perceptions for levels of strategic leadership and the effectiveness of crisis management according to functional and demographic characteristics showed that there were no differences according to gender, while differences were found according to educational qualification and age