Attitudes of Geography Teachers towards Using ICT in Secondary Schools


This study aims to investigate attitudes of geography teachers towards the use of ICT in secondary schools, in Diyala Governorate. A quantitative research approach was used to collect and analysing data via (SPSS). Study population consists of geography educators in secondary schools in the General Directorate for Education of Diyala. The researcher selected the sample, which consists of 104 of 693 total geography teachers. An electronic questionnaire form consisted of 21 open-ended questions was sent to geography teachers in Diyala Governorate to measure teachers’ attitudes towards using ICT in teaching geography. Statistical tools were used such, T-test, Pearson Correlation and Two Way ANOVA to analysis the data. Finding indicates that, there is a statistically significant difference between Mean score in gender variable and the experience of geography teacher’s attitudes towards ICT in secondary level. Further results showed, that attitudes of geography teachers are positive towards using ICT tools in their teaching, and (M= males< females). It is recommended that teachers should have training on the effective use of ICT in education – and it is suggested, to explore the barriers faced by educators in using ICT tools in education.