Strategic direction and its impact in the areas of strategic change of sports institutions in Iraq


The research dealt with the extent of the impact of strategic direction on strategic change, and the researcher tried to present an analytical framework for the views of a selected sample within the research sample, especially since the independent variable represented by the strategic direction has garnered wide interest because it opens up the thinking windows of senior management, while the dependent variable represented change The strategic understanding of the methodology of change and its management is one of the most important roles of managerial leadership at the present time. The research started from a research problem represented by the following questions:What is the relationship of the strategic direction and its impact on the sports organization, and do managers realize the nature of the relationship between it and strategic change?How can the strategic direction affect the areas of strategic change in the sports organization?The researcher tested the correlation and influence relationship between the "strategic orientation" that represents the behavior of administrative leaders as individuals and "strategic change" in their sports institutions that they lead. Through this study, several theoretical and practical conclusions were reached, the most important of which were: -There is a relationship and a moral influence between the strategic direction factors and areas of strategic change.The strategic change in the research sample was significantly affected by the strategic direction at the macro level and on the level of the sub-factors that compose it.The researcher recommended that the sports institution should adopt a specific and studied policy in the field of strategic change, and this includes the existence of plans and action programs to implement such a policy, as any change must be subject to study, planning, and programming and not to improvisation and randomness.