A Review of Survey Based on Integration of Web of Things Services with E-Health for Knowledge Society


The study aims of producing a knowledge society (KS) through e-Health (EH) with the support of web of things services. At the beginning of the study a discussion of EH system with its elements produced first. For effective EH system, integration of web of things services with EH system is essential which is highlight in the paper. Web of things services such as assessment and evaluation, wikis makes the user enable of creating editable contents in the form of highly searchable knowledge-bases. Group work, Question & Answer (Q & A) sessions are performed by social networking and discussion forums. RSS feeds, Tags, Podcasts and Videocasts are considered as supporting services to speed up the knowledge management process. Web of things services can apply artificial intelligence (AI) technique to speed up the process. The integration is expected to create the KS and the global knowledge warehouse Keywords: E-Health / Web of things; knowledge society; interoperability; ICT; semantic web of things.