Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of the bacterial activity of complexes of some transition metals containing Benzimidazole derivatives


The L-ligand was prepared from the reaction of 2mmol of the compound 4-methyl-O-phenyldiamine with 1mmol of oxalic acid as well as the preparation of complexes of chemical formula [MLCl2] in a ratio of (1: 1) and complexes of chemical formula [M(L)2]. In a ratio of (1: 2) with the diodes of metal ions zinc, cadmium, and mercury .The geometric shapes of the prepared ligands and complexes were obtained by careful analysis of the elements, FT-IR spectrum, U.V spectrum, the 1HNMR spectrum, and the mass spectrum, and the results showed that all the prepared complexes gave a geometric tetrahedral shape .The bacterial efficacy of the prepared ligands and complexes was studied using two types of bacteria, E. coli and Bacillus subtilis, with the ability of most of them to inhibit select bacteria.