An Experimental Study on Settlement for Gypseous Soil Using Electrical Method


This paper presents an experimental study on the effect of electro-osmosis in improving the properties of gypsum soils. Electro-osmosis is the process of transferring ions from the anode to the cathode by appling an electric field. The experimental model for this study is by preparing a soil sample with dimensions of (30 x 30 x25) cm, and contained a wooden box of (30 x 30 x 30) cm. This box was put in a water tank of (50 x 50 x 35) cm to confine the water. Two types of gypsum soil used in this study are placed inside the wooden box with gypseous content of (30% and 60%). Rectangular plate (5x5) cm with thickness was 3 mm used to simulate a rigid foundation and time-leveling tests were performed for (10) volt model in addition to take reference readings (without applying any voltage for comparison) with change of load applied where its use (20 and 28) T/m2. The variables in this study are gypsum content, time, applied load and corresponding settlement. The results showed a responsed the soil to the electro-osmosis, while noted the improve is occur in the settlement.