The Role of Educational Curricula in Achieving Sustainable Development ((Human Geography as a Model))


The aim of this research is represented by explaining the concept of sustainable development and its historical development as well as the relation between development from one side and the science of Geography from the other side an attempt to highlight the role of " geography of development" and approaching the geographical concept of development and consequently predicting the future dimensions of developmental studies It will be basis for constructing societies as well as highlighting the role and importance of sustainable development which became the obsession of all states and the necessity of including it in the modern study curriculum.It is hypothesized that there is a contrast in explaining the concept of development and a big mixing between the other synonyms like advancement and updating and the economic growth. The methodology of the research is the descriptive-analytical one to provide the real dimensions of explaining. Talking about the structure of the research, the scientific necessity required to divide the research into many sections. The first section includes the problem of the research, its importance with the research hypothesis, its limits, and determining the terms. While the second one includes the study of the historical development of the concept and the manifestations of insufficiency of this concept through its inclusiveness. The third section is dedicated to education for sustainable development, whereas the fourth section concentrates on the relationship between geography and development, the researcher found out some a number of conclusions and recommendations.