The effect of the seven-course learning strategy (ES.7) on cognitive achievement of rhythmic gymnastics


The research problem centered where the teaching process depends, in one aspect of its implementation, on the method that is used to convey knowledge to the student and his strategy to deliver information better and faster, taking into account the capabilities and levels of learners, and the more effective this method, the better the outputs of the teaching process. Therefore, the researcher used the (ES.7)strategy that contributes to cognitive achievement and knowledge of students ’attitudes towards practicing rhythmic gymnastics. Accordingly, the researcher identified the research problem, trying to answer the following question: Does the ES.7 strategy achieve an improvement in cognitive achievement Rhythmic gymnastics game?The research aims to: 1- Identify the effect of using the strategy of the Seven Learning Course ES.7 on cognitive achievement in the game of rhythmic gymnastics2-Building a cognitive achievement test in the rhythmic gymnastics game for female students of the second stage in the Faculties of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Al-Mustansiriyah University.3-Preparing educational units for your rhythmic gymnastics according to the strategy of the seven-course learning cycle (ES.7)The researcher used the experimental method in the manner of the two groups of pre and post test, and the community of origin was the second stage students, which numbered (100) students who were chosen by the intentional method and they represent the research community and its sample. Originally, the researcher conducted the pre-tests, applied the seven-year strategy for learning, and then conducted the post-tests, and then the research results were processed by their own statistical means, and through these results the researcher reached several most important conclusions, the most important of which were:1-The strategy of the Seven Learning Course (ES.7) has an effective effect on cognitive achievement in your rhythmic gymnastics game.The researcher recommends the following: -1-The researcher recommends that the seven-cycle learning strategy (ES.7) should be used in other studies, other activities, and different age groups.